Plastic Procedures- A Sucess

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Sarah Chalke is a well known Canadian- American actress who is presently 40 years old. She was born in Ottawa and raised in British Columbia in the city of Vancouver. She is fluent in speaking three languages namely English, French and German. In the year 1994 she graduated from Handsworth Secondary School. She had a dream of acting since her childhood. Sarah began her career at the age of 8 when she first appeared in musical theatre productions. She came into fame when she portrayed as Dr Elliot Reid on the comedy series Scrubs. She has played versatile roles in various other sitcoms like How I Met Your Mother, Roseanne, Cougar Town and many more. She has also appeared in several feature films like Ernest Goes to School, Cake and Chaos Theory etc. Some of her television series include Mad Love, Nothing Too Good for a Cowboy, Maneater. Chalke has always been admired for her outstanding performances.

A popular actress who is also known for her flawless beauty and refined skin. No doubt her beauty is complimented many a times but it is also questioned sometimes. Speculations usually arise about her looks i.e. whether they are natural or artificial. Her youthful appealing look at the age of forty clearly shows that she has gone under the knife. Her ageing hardly appears on her face and this is the result of botox and filler treatment. Her wrinkles are made invisible by the use of botox that can be seen on her forehead. Not only that but her face also looks much more filled out and defined which is the effect of filler injections. But the actress has never overused Botox. Her only aim was to have a shiny, younger and a smoother face.Take a look at Sarah Chalke Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

Another change that was noticed when her previous and present pictures were compared was in her nose. There was a significant change in the size of her nose which looked way too slimmer and shorter than before. This showed that the actress had gone for nose job which made her nose look different. Her nose now looks pinched and pointed at top view. Chalke also went for a facelift surgery to remove dark circles beneath her eyes. Her pictures revealed that dark circles used to be a main feature of her face at some point of time. Image Source :

Every celebrity wants to have a perfect appearance and the only way to do this is by surgical procedures. A famous actress who has done so many enhancements to maintain her charm proved really well. All the plastic surgeries she had undergone have given good results which further made people suspicious about her beautiful look at this age. She looks fresh and attractive and her laugh lines around her mouth have become very smooth which is an indication of her successful plastic procedures.  The actress has shown that proper surgical methods can prove to be beneficial. She is becoming more elegant and alarming day by day.

Nicki Minaj Plastic Surgery Details

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Nicki Minaj has herself always refused the building rumours around her plastic surgeries. She was not one such celeb who kept ignoring the queries rather she has always came into the front and confronted the allegations properly either at public conferences or via her social interaction pages. She has tried wiping out the rumours always using her strong words.

All her interviews has same element where she keeps denying the rumours and allegations of surgical help. But her fans and critics are not fool and won’t go just by her word because her face speaks for something else. People who spend most of her time in front of camera are vulnerable to plastic procedures. The worst part of the attention brought by these rumours is that it brings bad attention and it drifts away everyone’s take on her songs, this can depress a girl who works hard on  her talent. These constant speculation can damage her career.

Her fans or anyone who even has basic knowledge about the plastic surgeries, they can easily spot the unnatural changes in the features of the popstar Nicki Minaj by just having a look at her before and after images, which are eligible enough to do the talking  Nicki Minaj Plastic Surgery – Before And After Photos

1.Face Lift

Nicki Minaj’s face looks extremely different from  what it used to look earlier, her features weren’t bold and mature. However, now all her facial features are not only well lifted but also well demarcated. You can easily make out that her face is very well defined and very tight.Of course, it’s wrong to be surprised at a wrinkle less face at the age of just 30 years, we cant expect her to be saggy naturally but then you cant even expect her to be sans any flaw.  The “American Idol” judge can be held of undergoing a cosmetic face pull.

The face lift that she had can be seen as well designed and subtle, it just makes her look few years younger than her age. While the results are so apparent but Nicki keeps pushing the truth under the cuffs. These kinds of pleas only adds fuel to the rumors.

2. Botox Treatments

Botox treatments are very common with Hollywood celebs at least, they are used to remove the fine lines of wrinkles and makes your skin glow in a young way.In the phase where the platinum singer is busy denying the allegations, the surgeons cant stop throwing one after the other. Unlike face lift, Botox treatments are looked upon as fact for almost every celeb, as it’s a necessity for those whose faces are on bet. If not a proper face lift, her glowing appearance can be attributed to botox and filler injections.

3.Butt Transplants

She is known more for her Butt size than her songs and weird dresses. Her Butt has always been the centre of attraction but it’s considered to be unnatural as it’s  extremely bigger than normal. Her fans think that she gets that oomph factor because of this augmented Butt.

What To Eat In A Protein Diet

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Proteins are exceptionally important for our diet plan. They not only help in body building but are also important for our hair and nails. It helps in repairing our muscle tissues and is important for maintenance of our bones, tendons and cartilage. It serves as a building block to life and is necessary for hormone regulation and various other parts of the body. Because the world has took over to a completely new phase where junk food has become food for people, it is extremely important to take care of the fact that you consume the right stuff and in the right quantity. So here’s a small list of food items richly supplied with proteins that can help you in body building and even weight loss. Take A Look At Salman Khan Diet Plan And Workout Routine

What To Eat In A Protein Diet

  1. Cheese: cheese, especially cottage cheese is supposed to be highly supplied with proteins. It has casein protein that gets digested slowly and helps in providing strength to muscles. Other forms of cheese like Swiss cheese can also be used.
  2. Eggs: Eggs are supposed to be the best source for proteins. Not only in your diet but it also help to nourish your hair and nails. An egg along with a glass of milk is considered to be a complete food and that it has high nutritional value amongst other food items.
  3. Peas: surprised! Peas are considered to have eight fold more protein content than spinach and a bowl of it can render you enough protein.  Also, it helps to maintain our immune system and body functions.
  4. Pork:  on selection of the correct type of pork you can consume about 25 grams of protein per serving. It also provides a lot of nutrients and helps in extremely quick reduction of your weight. Though it is considered to be a foe to doctors but surely it has the highest protein content.
  5. Salmon: though it has high calorie content but, at the same time salmon is considered to be a fat reducing food item. Yes, you hear it right. Salmon should hence be considered the best fish for fish lovers. High protein content, weight reducing and extremely healthy, salmon is a bang in itself.
  6. Pumpkin Seeds: enclosed or shelled pumpkin seeds are considered to be power house of instant energy. They are considered to be healthy fats and are also rich in fibers and proteins as well. You can club them up with salads or rice bowls and grab a lot of nutrition.
  7. Nuts: nuts like cashews and almonds are considered to be good sources of proteins and several minerals and nutrients as well. They have several health benefits and are helpful in modulating your immune system and several intestinal problems like constipation, etc.
  8. Milk: pure organic milk has been considered to be the best source of proteins and the milk consumed from grass fed cows is the best.
  9. Yogurt: yogurt has always served several beauty and health benefits and is also considered to help in weight loss. It has good bacteria and also has several proteins.
  10. Guava: they are considered to be the highest protein containing fruit and have about 4 to 4.5 grams of protein per cup.Take a look at Megan Fox Secret Diet Tips

Tips for Skin Whitening

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Several times you have chances to get skin that is few tones brighter and fairer than your recent tone because our natural skin tone gets covered with dead cells and gets tanned too. Moreover you can’t only rely on chemical based products for bright and fair skin in a long run because excessive use of anti aging or easy fairness creams leads to great amount of exposure to harmful chemicals which can damage the skin beyond repair. You can use the following handmade packs instead, they have no side effects and they are not harmful too. Here are some Tips for Skin Whitening

1. Yogurt

Yogurt is a product that is made from milk and milk is the most important ingredient of many fairness products. Then why one should not apply yogurt instead which can surprise you with its bleaching properties and one can also apply it without worrying over any reaction.


Take a dallop of curd on your palm and rub it over your skin in the circular motion. Keep rubbing it for 2 minutes atleast before washing it off. Regualr use of curd is prescribed without ang cautionary measures. Skin would shed all the dead layers from it along with curd mask .

2. Oranges

Skin needs regular content of vitamin c, you can fulfill half of the skin’s need via eating the fruits that are rich in Vitamin C while the other half can be provided from direct exposure to the citrus juice that can be easily extracted from squeezing orange peel.   


Tips for Skin Whitening

Make a mix of two tablespoons of orange juice and little bit of powdered turmeric. Dab this mixture using a clean cotton ball over your face, you need to leave this over night. This Daily habit will not only keep the skin clear but will also naturally protect the skin from daily chances of tanning.

3. Honey

Honey comes packed with its bleaching and moisturizing properties. If your skin is dry then you need to work on dryness first before fairness because with dryness you get darker skin tone than natural. Regular use of honey also takes away scars.   


Evenly spread a thick layer of honey, let it dry just for a few minutes before removing it with a wet towel. It will take away the dead cells and scars.

4. Aloe Vera Pulp

Aloe vera is a great plant that is used for production of several health products. Skin products always contain Aloe Vera and lightens the skin tone Cut a leaf from the plant and chisel the outer layers to get the pulp. Rub the gel gently over the skin and let it be there for another 30 minutes before rinsing it with warm water.

5. Green Fenugreek Paste:

Green leaves of Fenugreek can bless you with clear skin that’s shiny and bright. Put some green leaves in a grinder and take out a slurry green paste. Its application sucks out the dirt and any possible chances of impurities. Evenly apply the mask all over your face and keep it there for 10 minutes. Wash if off gently with lukewarm water.

Ways To Make Hair Longer

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Getting long and healthy hair is what every girl wants. There’s no short cut to getting longer and beautiful hair except a bit of patience and hard work. As per today’s lifestyle there’s so much of technology used that they focus on instant results and gradually lead to destruction. The best way to make your hair long and strong is to go natural and practise what your grandmothers did. Age old practices never lead to a falling and helps you to get a better outlook at life. Patience is what is needed the most along with regularity and you will get natural beautiful and shiny hair.  So here is a small list of tips and tricks you must follow in order to get good hair.

  1. Scalp Massage: for getting smoother, stronger and longer hair it’s extremely important to get a proper scalp massage. All you need is some good hair oil and just  massage your scalp in a circular motion. This activity helps to enhance the blood circulation in the scalp and promotes the movement of oil in the hair follicles. It also helps to strengthen your roots and hence rendering a longer growth. Baja Almond oil is what i use
  2. Initiate Periodical Washing: regularise washing and just don’t wash them whenever you feel like. Irregular and perpetual washing may lead to loss of natural oil from hair thereby leading to natural breakage. Massage your scalp in a proper circular motion and try to restrict your hair wash to just two to three times a week.
  3. Balanced Diet: scientifically a balanced diet is the key to a great body and a great mind and hence great hair. Green vegetables and dry beans and a high protein diet is the key to a balanced diet. High sugar and salt content should be avoided as the nourishment to hair is as important as the nourishment to our body. So plan out a balanced diet and chuck out all the bad food items that you believe are destroying your health and ensure a well planned and balanced diet with all kind of food items.
  4. Stop Heating Them: these days usually girls go for artificial hair straightening and processed. These devices generate unwanted heat and lead to hair destruction and falling hair. Stop styling them and try to use natural ways to curl them and other things. Heating leads to slow damage of hair and dead locks and hence frizziness. So avoid such styling techniques and believe the fact that you are beautiful as you are and there’s no change that can make you look much beautiful.

Ways To Make Hair Longer5 .Use Silk Pillow Cases: cotton pillow covers traps your hair and makes your hair frizzy and ruffled. Switch to silk pillow covers and prevent hair fall and breakage. Your pillow case also plays an important role so keep it to your notice that you use the right pillow that is a silk pillow case to prevent breakage of your locks and you can gradually see the difference.